Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0

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Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0 with Demo CD

Multi purpose Design ( Suitable for Roti,Omelette,Pancake,Uttapam, Thepla)
Granite Non-Stick coating with Easy Flip
Unique Curved Surface
Durable Stainless Steel Body
Adjustable Temperature Control Knob with Power Indicators

Product Description:

GRANITE NON-STICK COATING: The granite spatter coated surface offers long lasting non-stick performance and an elegant finish.
UNIQUE CURVED SURFACE : The concave curved base with elevated edges ensures that the roti stays in the centre and makes flipping the rolls easy. DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BODY: The Roti Maker is tough and extremely safe. The body is reinforced with stainless steel which makes the device strong and shockproof.
ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL KNOB: Control the temperature using the knob for making perfect rotis.
POWER INDICATORS: The red light indicates that the Roti Maker is switched on. The green light indicates that the base is heating, and when it goes off, the appliance is ready to use.
MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: The curved edges combined with the superior spatter coated granite non-stick surface gives you the freedom to make rotis, omelettes, pancakes, uttapams and much more